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    April 2015 Seminar

    Margriet Hogue will be coming from Canada to join us for this three-day seminar in April. She will be teaching two samplers: 1. Friday: Maria Antoni (right) and 2. Saturday: Sally Munro (left). On Sunday, she will present a lecture on "Sweetbags" for the entire membership. A registration form is attached to this newsletter with information about the all-day classes: pictures, descriptions and kit prices. I am ready to start taking registrations for one or both of these clas-ses. As before, we require at least a $30 deposit on each kit and at least 15 participants in each class to make it a "go.” If you need to split up the kit cost into payments over the fall that's just fine, and please note it on your registra-tion form. We will need all kits paid in full by the January meeting. We will also plan on box lunches, snacks and some sort of goody bag as usual.
    ***To get the registration form for these classes, please scroll to the bottom of the page and pull up the attachment!***
    You can mail the registration form and your check (made payable to "SGR") to SGR, c/o Kathy Sanders, 412 Oswego Ct, Aurora, CO 80010. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
    Kathy Sanders, Seminar Coordinator




    April 2014 Seminar

    Amy Mitten will be our seminar teacher next spring, April 11-13, 2014.  She will doing a two day mystery story and sampler.  I have the interest sheets from a year ago, but since we have so many new members, feel we should start over soliciting members' opinions as to which sampler we should tackle.  To that end, I will have interest sheets with pictures and info about potential pieces at several meetings this spring.  May I emphasize one thing - please vote for a piece that YOU will actually sign up for!  We want a decision about the piece we stitch to be made by folks who will be participating.  Don't vote if you don't think there's a real good chance you'll participate.  You can check out her work ahead of time at www.amymitten.com. 

    Amy Mitten will be our seminar teacher next spring, April 11-13, 2014.  She will doing a two day mystery story, Ten and sampler, A Thread of Connection.



    April 2013 Seminar

    February Update:

    Remember, that even if you did not sign up for a stitching class, we hope you'll be with us Sunday, April 14 for Ellen's trunk show and talk about scrimshaw.  It's free and open to all members.
    Ellen Chester of With My Needle will be teaching our 2013 seminar!!!! On Friday, April 12th, Ellen has designed a 20th Anniversary Needlebook just for Sampler Guild of the Rockies! On Saturday, April 13th, Ellen will be teaching her Needleworker's Sampler Huswif. Our regular meeting on Sunday will include Ellen's program on scrimshaw and a trunk show. As a special treat, we will have Ellen's Long May She Wave project on Thursday, August 11th, IF there are enough people signed up for it.


    April 2012 Seminar


    Jackie Du Plessis will be teaching our 2012 workshop. You can see her teaching pieces on her website, It's Finally Finished. We are looking forward to having Jackie visit the Sampler Guild of the Rockies.  The Seminar will take place on April 13-15 , 2012.  

    Our first class will be held on Friday, April 13, and the project is the Briar Rose Folded Etui.  This piece is stitched over one on 32 count linen and will be pre-stitched.  This is a half day class and it will be scheduled late afternoon/evening so our working members are able to attend. Exact time is still to be determined.  Dinner will be provided.  The price for this class is $110 (includes cost of dinner and if you don’t want dinner, deduct $5).  Interested participants must sign up and pay at least half of the price by the November meeting.  The remaining half must be paid by the February meeting.




    The second class will be held on Saturday, April 14 and the project is Buttons a Bounty Button Box.  This piece doesn’t require any pre-stitching.  The box is constructed in class and the cover will be stitched and attached afterwards.  This is a full day class and we will have box lunches for the participants.  The price for this class is $140 (includes a fee for lunch box and if you don’t want lunch, deduct $10).  You must sign up and pay the full amount for this class by the February meeting.


    Sunday will be a normal attendance day for all members, and our plans for that day are still being worked out with Jackie DuPlessis. 




    April 2011 Seminar


     In April, Catherine Theron taught two workshops for the the guild's annual seminar, Quaker Sewing Case and Quaker Ruler case.  Sunday's project, Quaker Ruler Case, was a finishing class.  Catherine also taught an 'auxiliary' one day class, Peaceable Kingdom, on Friday, April 8, 2011. 




     April 2010 Seminar  



    In April Amy Finkel came and gave a series of lectures to the Sampler Guild.  After graduating from Syracuse University, Amy joined her father in the firm of M. Finkel and Daughter – leading dealers in the field of schoolgirl samplers from the 18th and19th centuries for the past 25 years.  She engages in a great deal of research so that many of the samplers sold are accompanied by a file of information.  Amy has worked closely with museums throughout the country including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Winterthur, Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Colonial Williamsburg.


    Connoisseurship of American Schoolgirl Samplers:  Amy showed many images and discussed a range of very outstanding samplers that have passed through her “custodianship” over the years – making comparisons within groups and types of samplers.

    Friend of Faux:  A Conversation Regarding Authenticity and Learning About AntiqueSchoolgirl Samplers:  As antique samplers have become increasingly sought after and become more valuable, issues such as fraud, re-coloring, re-stitching, misattribution and incorrect genealogical research become more important and were examined.

    Looking at the World of Samplers:  18thand 19thCentury Samplers from the British Isles and Continental Europe: We looked at and discussed samplers made in England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands – even India and Africa. 


    Past Seminars and Workshops 


    Betsy Morgan, Willing Hands

    Carolyn Standing Webb, Carolina House Designs

    Ewe & Eye & Friends

    Jane Timmers, Fancy Work

    Joanne Harvey, The Examplarery

    Kathleen Staples

    Nan Tyson Euler




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